Sites were out of work for some months, how realistic is it to restore traffic?

Started by RU-DIVING, Jul 26, 2022, 05:12 AM

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My sites occupied good SEs positions, gave a lot of traffic, were offline for a couple of months, which even fell out of the index.
Additionally, all the rental links due to which SEs positions were held, and which were smoothly purchased for many years, disappeared. How realistic is it to restore sites traffic under such conditions?
Or is it already complete hopelessness and the equivalent of creating a site from zero?

What can be done besides restoring the availability of websites themselves and trying to restore part of the link?
If there is an experience of a long fall of websites, please write in a nutshell how you restored it and what the result was in the end.


Start from restoring sites and waiting for indexing, then check positions and assess the extent of the fall.
Next, act according to the circumstance, see what requests have dipped, pull them up with links. Make every effort to restore some old links. I think there are chances to restore part of your traffic, and it will be easier than making sites from scratch.

There were a catastrophic number of sites offline due to hosting or domain not being paid.


To restore web site traffic, you can apply two strategies. The first strategy is the most radical. You just need to create a new resource and competently build the process of promoting a new website.
However, for some companies, this seems impossible, because they protect their brand. Therefore, there is another strategy for them - removing low-quality links and replacing content. If the resource has existed for several years, then there may be problems with the links.

How to restore website traffic:
Some of the links may lead from inactive bad web sites. Such links should simply be closed. Otherwise, it is impossible to delete them.
There are a lot of links, so it is recommended to use tools to eliminate them. After the low-quality backlinks are removed, it will not get better. The resource will only become "clean". To attract users, you need to use a number of methods.

Firstly, the web site owner will need a competent promotion of the project. This will bring the site back to the top of the search engines. When promoting, it is necessary to focus on high-quality links. It is better if they are absolutely natural. Additionally, it is necessary to make the resource more attractive and interesting.
There are many marketing moves that you can use to attract traffic.
For instance, some site owners post various materials on the project, including videos, books and courses. This attracts users. It is good if the content from the site can be easily and freely downloaded. Its advertising in blogs also helps in the promotion of the site.
Top bloggers can introduce their readers to the resource for a fee. Another important factor in promotion is social networks. The presence of the project in social networks affects the ranking of the resource. Therefore, we should not forget about that type of promotion either.