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Started by maxi007, Aug 28, 2022, 03:51 AM

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I know that the question has been beaten and raised for the hundredth time, but still I wonder what are your ways to attract web traffic?
in the hope that there will be good people and will share their chips and experience with newbies out of kindness :)


Something like that:
1) Catch up with traffic from social networks. networks (especially helps for websites 18+). We go to the thematic group and leave a link to your site. It is advisable to use services for shortening links: fb or google
2) Create a YouTube channel. Once upon a time, I hired a person to shoot a video, as a result, 12 vids scored 30,000-200,000 views each. I left a link to my site, as a result, there are consistently 30-50 people from YouTube. There are a bunch of other ways I know, but this is already too private)). Although, in comparison with other participants in the topic, I wrote everything more or less clearly in my opinion. And not the typical: "Well, you can try bookmarks," etc.

3) fill the website with a narrow theme, the main thing is not to deviate from the main topic, at least until your site is visited by up to 1000 unique users a day, then you can cross the main topic with others. With constant content, copyright rewrite is 95% - 100% uniqueness of the article. It often happens that the core for the site and the keys do not even need to be selected, everything is formed by itself as it is filled. Write interesting posts or find copywriters who can do it, only people can truly appreciate it and not search engines. In short, there are no secrets, there should only be a desire to do such things, and over time everything will turn out to be a failure.