Website SEO promotion: what to pay attention to

Started by Abhinavjain, Aug 11, 2022, 05:56 AM

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Who ordered the seo promotion of the website? What to pay attention to. What are the pros and cons of choosing a contractor?

At which resources I can find proven optimizers. How much do their services cost?
How long does the seo promotion take and what is the effect of it?


when choosing a seo contractor, there are no pluses and minuses - they begin later, after some time after working with him)
Generally, pay attention to reviews and be sure to demand fresh cases for the last six months, for example.

the presence of previously completed seo projects in the niche;
experience with websites of similar subjects;
the number of websites successfully brought to the  SEs TOP;
use of modern promotion tools;
term of work in the field of SEO.


1. Use meta tags and headers correctly (optimizers often oversaturate the title tag with keywords that the search engine may perceive as spam.)
2. Study your target audience (Conversion on the site depends on how well it meets the audience's requests.)
3.Work in social networks (Work in the direction of SMO (Social Media Optimization) will not go unnoticed by search engines. )


Technical quality of your website.
The download speed, the absence of duplicate tags, broken links, all this is necessary for the search engine to positively evaluate your website.
There are a significant number of services that can help with this. You can check the site loading speed in the Google Speed service.

It is important to remember that most of the traffic is already coming from mobile devices, so technical optimization of the site must be done for mobile devices as well.
It is necessary to reduce the size of too heavy articles by compressing the images that are on the pages. Fast loading is very important, firstly, it is useful for search engine promotion, and secondly, the user does not always have access to high-speed Internet, so no one will wait for the download for a long time.
Links that lead to non-existent sections can not only annoy users, but also cause a negative reaction from the search engine.
So, it is worth checking all the pages of the site for links to non-existent or deleted sections.

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