What are the most important Google Ranking Factors?

Started by lirik, Jun 20, 2022, 03:22 AM

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What are the most important Google Ranking Factors?


The answer, of course, is relative – but we can make some generalisations. Google has always said the content of your website is essential to achieving a high rank in their search engine results pages (SERPs).

So it stands to reason that the quality and relevance of your web pages and the on-page on-site optimization they receive is a 100% crucial as well. Is there a universal list of Google ranking factors? ⇒ Yes. Can you please share this list with me? ⇒ Not likely.

Google keeps its search algorithm close to its chest, and will only give insights into it on an infrequent basis – not even to brands within the same industry, for fear of them gaining a competitive advantage.


The most important factors for a good ranking of a commercial website in Google are factors related to meeting the basic needs of users — competent functionality "Buy / Order", "Shopping Cart", display on mobile devices, availability of product prices.
The solution of these tasks concerns not only search engine optimization, but also the development of the site and business.
The synergy between marketing specialists and SEO specialists is important.

If the website solves the basic problem, then "classic SEO factors are included". This includes Title optimization and external links leading to the page and snippet clickability (CTR). It is this combination of three factors of different nature (internal and external optimization and behavioral factors) that turned out to be extremely significant in Google.

The most important factors from the E-A-R group (expertise, credibility, reliability) were: the presence of an address or offline representative office, HTTPS, detailed information about the company, the availability of pages about the return of goods, payment options and guarantees. All of them received a high rating — 7.5 or more.

More than 50 different factors received a score of 6 points or higher — this indicates the absence of any one "golden" factor or secret, influencing which, you can get into the TOP of the output. Stable and scalable results are provided only by complex work.

If we compare the average significance and the number of important factors that relate to the entire website (host) and a specific page (document), then the "host" ones won. Google first pays attention entirely to the quality of the site and only then to the factors of the page itself.
That leads to the fact that large projects are ranked better and better, taking away a large share of organic traffic.