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Started by Dr, Jul 31, 2022, 10:49 AM

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I'm new to website promotion, I don't really understand this, I want to open my own gaming forum, I'm ready to invest in development, where to start this whole thing?

Please give a detailed answer, where to start, how to assemble the "semantic core", buying links, which factor to rely on most, how to work with search engines, SEO and stuff like that.



In no case do I want to seem rude, but of course you rolled your lip not sickly. :D
Such information will now cost more than one thousand bucks. Judging by your requirements, a whole complex is needed here. To figure it all out on your own, you will need more than one month.

If you are ready to invest, then you do not need to ask questions, but hire a specialist. Because here, they can tell you a maximum of basic things, but not the kind of complex SEO that you expect.

And to be completely frank, no one will probably bother for free. Each will express a couple of sentences and that's it, you still don't understand what to do.

Start by studying the info, since there is plenty of it here. It is better to ask specific questions in the relevant topics, there will be more sense. Here, no one will explain to you step by step. This is very much information.


Many underestimate the power of social media. Create your Facebook group, fill it with posts with keywords and gain the first audience. Facebook also has a great advertising tool. The main thing is to set it up correctly (select the target audience, country, age, etc.). You can also try the targeting tool from google. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to promote your blog without investments, prepare at least $ 300-500.


Forum self–promotion is a very long and complex process.
And the main thing here is the idea of the forum. Judge for yourself – how many sites on the network of different topics, how many popular forums. Why should users come to your site? The answer is to offer something that is not available on other similar resources, discuss questions that cannot be answered anywhere else, offer users what they need.

It is clear that this is difficult, but otherwise the chances of your forum becoming a people are very small. What is free promotion: dissemination of information on other forums – creating topics and linking to your materials; commenting on blogs – you can give links to similar topics on the forum, invite people to discuss this issue; announcing topics in specialized services – news resources, your own free blogs like Blogger, LiveJournal, mailing services (for example, Subscribe); link exchange – with other forums, blogs, sites of similar topics.
Nothing is impossible, and if you take optimization and promotion seriously, the forum will definitely gain active regular users and gain popularity. This means that in the future it will develop independently, occupying all the best places in the search results.