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Started by RafaelJames, Aug 25, 2022, 02:40 AM

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I want to get traffic through YouTube channel. I planned to create a video, because. The process is long, I decided to test it on finished videos.

I took the "weight loss" niche, took several high-frequency queries and found popular videos on YouTube using them. I downloaded and uploaded it to my channel, access indicated "public".
As a result, I didn't get a single view on the video for the whole day.
I remember before, when I uploaded videos to YouTube that were not even popular, they received views.

Question 1:
Why are there no views?

Question 2:
How to promote my videos now? Google Ads (advertising YouTube videos for views) and collaborations (requesting video bloggers to insert ads into their videos)?


write comments under the top videos to start - maybe somebody will go already.
build a smart promotion strategy
uploaded a video to "prime time" - sowed it on social networks or on another channel
naturally optimized video should be for words or similar phrases
generally, up to 1000 signatures, you need to crawl for a start in some way - the main thing is not fierce bots


Your situation is called a "shadow ban". YouTube algorithms understand that the video is not original and do not promote it in recommendations to users. Try editing the video. Cut off unnecessary details, mirror it, apply a filter. Thus, YouTube will not understand that the video was used earlier.


before promoting a video, we need to optimize it.
Write down the video tags (these are keywords). Up to 500 characters are allowed in total. put the main keywords first. choose phrases with high search volume and low competition.

The title should contain a keyword (preferably without declension) and contain questions or appeals (How / How much / See, etc.)
Regularity. Post videos regularly, without long breaks. On my channel, the videos are released on Monday and Friday.
Add a description. Pay special attention to the first paragraph (250 – 300 characters). Add the main and related keywords to it.

Add: time code (if a long video or semantic blocks are appropriate);
Add links in the video description: subscribe to your YouTube channel, to other playlists, and this video itself;
Add links to your social networks and website;
Add end screensavers (for subscription, playlists, similar videos);
Add hints. Do hints with reference to what is being said. Especially towards the end of the video (in the last third), in order to increase the number of views of the video by one user on your channel;

Free promotion methods:
After I have posted a video on the channel, I make posts to my groups and channels. Of course, I don't do it with pens, but through the autoposting service.
Posting links to videos on various forums and websites, on social networks.
E-mail-mailing with a video clip on its database. I have my own database of readers who are just comfortable getting information like this.
Mailing to messengers on your database. I also use the messenger mailing service.
Send your colleagues a link to the video so that they can view it, like it, write a comment and share it on their social networks.
The task is to get likes, comments, reposts and other activities in the first hours after publication.

Paid promotion methods:
Buying a place in FB groups of similar topics of your channel.
Advertising in Google Ads. You advertise your video through your Google Ads account
Cheat services. You can get banned for this, but in most cases, paid views will decrease over time.
Buying a channel advertisement from another YouTuber so that he inserts a mention of you in his video or description to it.
Cooperation with other channels (collaboration). Collaborate with channels that are not your competitors, but have a common audience with you.
These are the most basic ways to promote your video.

And the most important thing is patience. Shoot videos regularly and your audience will come to you.


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