DemoTiger - Video KB on cP/DA/Plesk/etc for WHMCS/Blesta/WP/HostBill +Human Voic

Started by gnh73, Jun 27, 2022, 04:52 AM

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Videos are available in the voice of a human voice-over artist.

Audio by a human voice-over artist.
This is a limited time offer.
Purchase video tutorials for your Knowledge-base, and stand different from other hosting companies.
Helpful for boosting your website SEO/Ranking.
Used by various companies.

High-quality video tutorials are made by professionals. Videos with audio and text instructions guide viewers properly.

180+ Reviews!! on WHMCS Market Place.

Now reduce your tickets and advertise your brand by displaying the customized logo of your company in tutorials.

We have 214+ video tutorials on the latest version of cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2019, FileZilla, Cloudflare, SolusVM, Virtualizor, etc.

If you wish to compete with bigger companies having lots of video tutorials for their customers, then it is your chance to advertise and increase your presence by buying high-quality video tutorials from DemoTiger.

- All Series / All Videos at - $199 (33% Off, Coupon Code: ZMFC86JJ1R )

Save time by purchasing our Latest DemoTiger Videos for your WHMCS, HostBillApp, SupportPal, WordPress and Blesta Billing System.

Earn money. Become a Reseller.

Supported Platforms/Billing Software:
- Support WHMCS v5 to v8.x
- Support Blesta "Support Manager" and "Support Manager Pro"
- WordPress
- HostBillApp
- SupportPal
- Video Embed code for adding it to non-supported platforms.

Video Categories:
Basics of cPanel (26 Videos)
DirectAdmin (48 Videos)
Plesk Series (47 Videos)
Clouflare (9 Videos)
Database(11 Videos)
Domain Management (10)
Email (5)
FTP (4)
Mozilla Thunderbird (6)
Outlook 2019 (6)
FileZilla Client (5)
SolusVM (18)
Virtualizor (19)

Available Modes:
Full HD (1080p)
HD (720p)


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