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Started by sergiocharm, Jun 20, 2022, 02:36 AM

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sergiocharmTopic starter

I looking free TF/CF (Majestic trust flow / citation flow) bulk checker. Please help me.


You can sign up and get that from Majestic for free. Sign up at majestic dot com. Don't even have to sign up to do one-off lookups.


I think that Majestic SEO is an excellent service for optimizers, especially for those who are engaged in search engine optimization and who work with foreign websites.
The service provides a huge selection of useful tools that allow you to view incoming links to specific web pages or to the domain as a whole, as well as view paid links and new incoming links and do much more. In order to fully enjoy all the benefits of the service, I had to register and pay for the services. There are options from 27 to 240 pounds, I, of course, chose the economy package (Silver Quarterly).

Here you can find out how the entire system of sites on the Internet works, there is a constantly updated database and various special news, everything is fascinating, but more for experienced professionals.
To be honest, I haven't fully figured out all the functions yet, but I think the problem lies in my lack of experience, not in the shortcomings of the service. And if you are going to make your own site, then this site will definitely be useful to you.