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Started by Milana, Jul 06, 2022, 02:07 AM

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Advantages of hosting and domain. The client does not slow down and does not "buggy". You can focus on work, and not on constant work with troubleshooting.


Hosting is a service for web hosting and storing information on servers that have constant access to the Internet. The servers are located in a specialized storage — data center, which belongs to a web hosting provider or a separate service organization. Remote management of resources provided by hosting is carried out using special software (hosting control panel and billing panel).
Hosting providers are companies that provide hosting web services. They ensure the operation of client resources, protect them from hаcker attacks and carry out maintenance. Hosting provider services are needed by any resource, even if it is a small business card site or a one-page site.

Hosting databases, a mail server for sending emails, file storage, or providing a domain name can be included in a package of basic services or provided for a fee.

The difference between web  hosting and domain:
Hosting provides for any Internet resource the necessary space in which all data and functional elements are stored. A domain name is a symbolic address of an online resource that is entered in the search bar. For example, .

In simple terms, each computer has its own IP address, but it consists of numbers that are difficult for a person to remember. But the same address also has letter values in the form of a domain. Thanks to that, we do not have to use digital combinations and painfully memorize them. Each address is entered in the domain registrar's database.
Hosting differs from a domain name in that it provides a place where files and site data are stored that are necessary for its normal operation. The domain name acts as the location of the site on the Internet, helping to find it among others.

Together, the domain name and web hosting represent the virtual address of the site and the place of physical storage of its data. It is impossible to find a website without domains, but it is impossible to launch it without the appropriate file placement.


Hosting is a service: you give the hosting company the files of your sites or applications, and it shows them at the request of users.
I use Beget shared hosting - the prices are normal, the support is good, the panel is intuitive. From virtual dedicated servers, I like FASTVPS - good support, servers are fast and reliable, high Uptime.
Domain - the readable name of your site: for example, There is also an unreadable IP address.
There are 500 domain zones in total. They are territorial and thematic. Territorial domain zones show the country, region or city: ru - Russia, - Republic of Adygea, - St. Petersburg. And thematic - your activity: market - online stores, expert - private specialists, site - sites.