How to make site a browser home page?

Started by brandsmith, Sep 06, 2022, 12:47 AM

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brandsmithTopic starter

Hello Dear friends! I want to try an old feature for efficiency, which was also written about in old textbooks on HTML 4.0, where a script was given that added the site in the browser as a home page immediately when entering the website itself. Either adds it automatically or offers it to user.
Who can tell in that matter? I'm not good at JavaScript, I used to remember on almost every website on the Internet there was such a sentence as = Make our site a home page.
I am interested in the opinion of all forum participants, if anyone is ready to help in solving the issue, I will be extremely grateful.


A cursory googling showed the results of 10 years ago, now there are no such methods in the browser objects. The web has matured and, I suspect, the shop has been closed for a long time.
Now, basically, they put shortcuts on the desktop.

who is going to start some kind of unknown website now? )
everybody has Google or, in extreme cases, a local portal of some kind or something like a picaboo.