Looking any software/scripts lifetime license

Started by gnh73, Jun 30, 2022, 03:39 AM

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Looking any software/scripts lifetime license

Except these, i already have it :

pm me with proof screenshot & price


i have multiple.

1 - whmcs unbranded (i know, you dont want this)
2 - cpnigix license *
3 - 2 x amember license*. I had a very expensive custom built platform built around this script so that a client could easily make a 1-5 page website. its designed as a way to get people that only need an entry level solution can use it, then when they need a better website, hosting and domain, they signup on your whmcs platform. the amemeber handles customer signup, payment (or you can make it free), also handles site suspension when its unpaid.
let me know if you want the licenses by themselves or the whole platform.

4 - got a stack of whmeasybackup licenses. the whmeasy backup licenses arent really sellable. I can only give them away to anyone that buys something else. *

* licenses may be untransferrable into an existing account, but I can change the email address used on the account to your email.

I might have more. I tend to buy everything lifetime when i have the choice.
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Advisor Management software for managing UTC F&S security systems, Business Edition for 27 control panels, unlimited number of client workstations. Integration into a single integrated security system of the subsystems APS Aritech, COTS and ACS Advisor Master and Advisor Advanced, COT TruVision.

Qt has been and remains to be available not only under a commercial license, but also under Open Source. Further, there will be a separate story about the KDE Free Qt Foundation.

Thфе side of Open Source also plays a positive role - for example, a certain Chamomile company decides to use Qt in the development of its new product. Resources are allocated and development continues over time. Macrohard then unexpectedly buys The Qt Company and, as usual, destroys it (and the product). What does this mean for Chamomile - the project is doomed, all resources are wasted, because Qt development has stopped? No - its source code is available, and development will continue regardless of the existence of this or that legal entity. Of course, the issue with licenses hangs, but the most important thing is that Qt as a technology will remain alive and will continue to develop.

With all of the above, untrained salespeople look at the situation with Open Source with ill-concealed horror. For them, this means only one thing - we are giving away our product for free! In the same way, outsiders look at The Qt Company's business model. But in fact, all is not so simple, and later in the article I hope to explain that.