Mass check of domain names availability

Started by lalmazl, Jul 08, 2022, 04:39 AM

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The current situation involves a significant number of domains within the .COM zone, with a primary base starting at 600+ and constantly changing with most cases leading to an increase. The task at hand is to accurately determine the date of the domain's expiration, as well as its release time without necessarily needing the former.

Regarding the question about what tools are best to use, my experience has shown that programs such as Whic are only available for a fee, which I am unwilling to pay. On the other hand, Netpeak Checker displays errors by showing active domains as already free. Both programs provide excellent results and allow for the outcome of the check to be compiled in a list. Could you kindly recommend these programs along with links? Thank you in advance for your attention, valued members of this forum.


I recommend testing out this service: It displays both the start and end dates of the domains you are interested in. If the domains have already expired, attempting a dropped parsing may be useful.

Additionally, you could also check out these domain search services:


Here are a few more:


For accurately determining the date of a domain's expiration and its release time, you can consider using the following tools:

1. Domain Expiry Checker: This tool provides information about a domain's expiration date. You can find it at

2. Whois Lookup: Whois lookup services allow you to retrieve detailed information about a domain, including its expiration date. You can use websites like or for this purpose.

3. Domain Drop Catching Services: These services specialize in capturing expired domains as soon as they become available. Some popular options include NameJet ( and DropCatch (

4. This website provides a comprehensive database of expired domains and allows you to search by various criteria, including domain age, expiration date, and TLD. You can find it at

5. DomCop: DomCop offers a range of features for expired domain research, including domain availability checking, backlink analysis, and domain auction listings. You can visit their website at

6. FreshDrop: FreshDrop is another platform that specializes in providing information on expiring domains, along with metrics like PageRank, Alexa rank, and backlinks. You can access it at