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Started by keiron, Sep 05, 2022, 02:01 AM

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People who are reading, please answer the following question -- is it really possible to write a script to receive mail -- a standard e-mail -- preferably do it in php if possible, specify more specifically what tools you need to use for this (what functions, libraries, what to turn to).
Or, if there is a ready-made script (which can be accessed via a url) with an e-mail registered on it, the login to which is carried out exclusively through the procedure of transferring the login and password to a certain form, is it possible to enter it from a web page generated by another script, forwarding the login and password? If possible, PLEASE specify HOW IT CAN BE DONE. If it depends on a script with a registered e-mail, tell me how you can download that script.
Or If somewhere in the Net there is a ready-made script for these purposes, or someone has a script of some ready-made mailer or something in this spirit, I would be very grateful if you inform me. If anyone knows resources on this subject - a huge request to indicate.


There are a large number of programs that implement webmail using PHP, for instance, on source forge there is a NOCC - webmail client written in PHP that supports IMAP and POP3. This is if you want to host it at home.
There are also a large number of ready-made services that allow you to remotely read your POP3 mail via the web, for example, Mail2Web.

Now, please clarify what is meant by "is it possible to enter it from a page generated by another script"? Do you want to read that web page and display it to your user yourself? If so, then you can use CURL, something like this:
$ch curl_init();
curl_setopt ($chCURLOPT_POST1);
curl_setopt ($chCURLOPT_POSTFIELDS"mailaddress=youremail&password=yourpassword&");
$store curl_exec ($ch);
$content curl_exec ($ch);
curl_close ($ch); 

and after that, you have a read page in $content. Just look at all the field values on mail2web if you will actually use it.