What is difference between XELENT and 1CLOUD?

Started by soboleva_94, Jul 09, 2022, 10:55 AM

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Xelent and the other entity share identical equipment and are situated in the same location.
The cost of services provided is also indistinguishable. Nevertheless, Xelent possesses a greater number of licenses. Does this imply there is a notable contrast in maintenance?


We made the decision to terminate our contract with Xelent and proceeded to contact their customer support to close said contract and receive a refund for the $100 that remained unutilized, which was a small yet significant sum for us. Despite extended communication efforts with the support team, we witnessed no progress in receiving our refund.

After attempting to resolve the issue peacefully, we sought legal action and sent a pre-trial claim. It is appalling to witness such incompetence and lack of consideration for customers in the IT industry, and Xelent's conduct has been reprehensible.