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Title: WHMCS Modules, Email Template, cPanel Default Page, EU Cookie Law script
Post by: klara on Jun 25, 2022, 03:10 AM
We offer various WHMCS Modules and Scripts that we initially created for our own use at These Modules can help enhance your website and WHMCS with additional functions while considering load speed and editing convenience.

 Our selection includes a WHMCS Email Template, WHMCS SEO Enhancer, EU Cookie Law Script, Default Hosting Account, WHMCS Affiliates Land Anywhere module, and a CSS Mega Menu. These products are of high quality and can be easily installed, providing great value to your website.
Title: Re: WHMCS Modules, Email Template, cPanel Default Page, EU Cookie Law script, Promo
Post by: vingler on Sep 27, 2022, 12:47 PM
The "Translate" module for WHMCS Addon is available for free and enables users to translate language files and check for the presence of all variables. This feature is particularly important when using multiple language files as it helps maintain translation accuracy and variable consistency across all files.

Manual checking or third-party programs can be used but completing this task directly in ACP is faster and more convenient. After installing updates or personalizing the system, the need for verification arises, and this addon simplifies the process by streamlining variable checking and filling. Key features include comparison capabilities, paginated navigation, group selection, backup creation, line and character settings, and date format customization.