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Started by Fan_Tema, Jun 23, 2022, 06:27 AM

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Welcome back, everyone! We are here today to release a new version of WS Client Reminders 2.0.1 for WHMCS. With our Client Reminders, you can easily set after x days you want to send a quote or reminder to your client. You can set First, Second, Third, and Last Reminder. Also, you can tick if you want to set the reminder status to expire after the last reminder email.

More information and screenshot

Sale Price:
Owned License: $31.99 USD

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Remember to check out also the list of our other module updates that we released since:
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SMS Manager v7.2.0

Coming Soon:
WS Email Delivery Status 1.0.0
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WS Ticket Count Restriction 2.0.0


WHMCS is a universal solution for automated management of billing, clients and their support for online businesses of various types.
WHMCS is developed by a private company located in the UK. This product appeared in 2005 as one of the first attempts to combine an automated accounting and customer management system and a support system simultaneously in a single whole.
Since then, a lot has been done, both in one direction and in another, and today we can safely say that WHMCS is one of the most powerful and popular solutions among companies providing hosting services and not only.

A few facts about WHMCS
WHMCS is the most popular customer accounting and support system in the world among hosting providers (and not only among them). This system is used in more than 90 countries around the world.
All the main goals and objectives of WHMCS development and improvement are formed based on the feedback and wishes of its users.
Updates with new features and improvements are released at least once every 3 months.
WHMCS has a huge community, thanks to which an extensive number of modules have been developed at the moment that expand the functionality of the product.

Prior to the appearance of the first certified reseller, qualified technical support was provided only by developers and only in English. However, now you can count on qualified  support and be sure that all issues related directly to the technical side will not only be ignored, but will also be sent directly to the professional WHMCS development team. In addition, our company works with these developers, so all your wishes and requests will be considered among the first.

The main features of WHMCS
Customer accounting – Support for currencies of various countries of the world, the ability to account for taxes, one-time and regular payments, built-in ticket system.
Automation – payment processing; refund; fraud check; creation, modification and management of products/ services; registration, transfer, renewal and management of domain names.
Ease of use - Simple and intuitive interface; fast download, easy installation and effective support.

Products/services – free, one-time and regular payments, accrual of interest for late payment, customizable additional user data and fields.
Transactions – more than 50 supported payment gateways, payment logging, statistics on payments and transactions, reports on payment transactions.
Support – built-in ticket system (message system), knowledge base, file downloads, announcements and alerts about problems and scheduled work.
Modules – creating, suspending, deleting, switching to other tariffs, SSL certificates, updating name web servers, renewing products, services and domains, etc.
Customizability – client and admin parts, order forms, CCS languages and styles
Convenience for developers – Templates for developing modules and internal events, API.