WTB huge vbulletin 3 mods collection OR vbulletin.org download script

Started by parven, Jun 20, 2022, 02:34 AM

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parvenTopic starter

I want to save vbulletin 3.x.x mods locally for future use. (Just for me / Privat usage)
I recently aquired a license and already tried to download the ones available at vbulletin.org manually but there are 154 pages with a total of 3810 mods (3.6.x - 3.8.x)
It took me about 20 minutes to download 1 page with 25 mods by hand. This means downloading the remaining 153 pages / 3785 mods by hand would take me 51 hours!!!
Its just too much to do it by hand.
And then of course there have been even more mods then those available at vbulletin.org

So im looking for someone that has a huge collection (ideally those available at vbulletin.org + lots of the paid mods / those not available there)
OR for someone that can write me a script to download the mods off vbulletin.org automatically.

Let me know what you have / can do and what your asking for it.


I wouldn't mind writing a custom script for you, PM me / what kind of budget?

I'd need a vB login temporarily too to develop it, since only licensed accounts can access downloads


vBulletin has always been characterized by a high load on web server, especially when installing multiple extensions. This should be taken into account when choosing a hosting and budgeted to buy a tariff with more capacity. The costs are very high, and you definitely won't be able to save money — this is fraught with the fact that the forum will "fall" with the influx of visitors.

After the change of the development team, many questions arise about the security of the engine. The fourth and fifth versions are constantly receiving security updates, which indicate that developers are patching holes after the release of the product.