Webhosting with the ability to send a large number of letters

Started by vikov, Jul 12, 2022, 02:17 AM

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Right now, my website is being hosted by Contabo. It has a forum and I send out periodic mailings, often totaling thousands of letters. Although the limits are acceptable at around 800 letters per hour, I've been having a terrible time lately.

 I keep encountering error messages like 502 and 504, and occasionally just a blank page. I've been considering switching to another hosting provider, but it seems like they all have strict limits on the number of letters I can send. Can you recommend a better hosting service with more lenient limitations on mailing?


VPS servers typically have more flexible limits on sending emails per hour, making them a better option for your needs. While shared hosting servers often limit the number of emails you can send to around 300-500 per account per hour, these limits are usually not as strict for VPS servers.
Investing in a VPS server may help you avoid issues with access to your email if you exceed these limits.


There is a vast array of web hosting options available online to choose from to start your business, particularly mailing campaigns. The quality of the chosen hosting product must be thoroughly determined as it can greatly affect your overall operations. The most vital attribute to consider when selecting web hosting for promotional mailings is the mail account's characteristics, particularly the limit of messages sent per hour and per day.

If your goal is to send newsletters to a subscriber base of around 10,000 people or more, then you should opt for either an American virtual web hosting like Hostgator, which has a limit on the number of messages sent per hour (up to 10,000 messages per hour) or a dedicated server.

Other important factors to consider are the server operating system, the control panel of the web hosting, and the mail server software. It is important to choose the one that suits your preferences best. If you are able to create newsletters from your existing script, such as a forum engine or a blog, these factors may not be relevant to you.

Lastly, pricing should also be a crucial consideration. If purchasing a dedicated server and hiring an administrator are outweighed by the income made from your subscriber base, this topic may not even concern you. However, I recommend paid mailing services to avoid any headache and to focus on creating effective newsletter content with a possibility of a significant response and profit.

Two recommended mailing services are Smartresponder and Justclick, with the latter being conditionally free, where you only pay 5% of your store's turnover if you connect. Both companies offer assistance in transferring your mailing database from any engine to their server.