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Started by samfrank, Jul 24, 2022, 08:00 AM

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samfrankTopic starter

Hi, I am looking for a good and more importantly reliable hosting.

- The most important thing is to work without failures
- Great support
- Unlimited traffic
- disk space from 100 GB
- number of sites from 15

The price in such matter is not the main thing and does not matter, the main thing is quality!

I will appreciate any advice.

Novel Web Solution

Unlimited domains
Any number or sites
Any number of databases
Unlimited traffic

I am responsible for the quality.

Another good person advised me dinohost. I hosted sites there for a while.


Dreamhost is a major American web hosting company, number 2 in the list of recommended WordPress developers. Actively participates in the development of open source software, has serious computing power in its own data centers. He has a sufficient number of original technologies on his account (Ceph, Akanda, participation in the development of OpenStack, etc.).
A web panel of his own design is used to manage hosting. DreamHost is also an official domain registrar, provides VPS rental services, managed WordPress hosting, unique design creation, cloud web hosting, etc.

WP Engine is a highly specialized web hosting service that focuses exclusively on one web site content management system, WordPress. The company actively participates in the development of the engine, develops its own plugins, helps with the development of others, including the promoted Genesis Pro template designer.
Despite the initially high tariffs, each web  hosting user receives more than just computing resources: special caching technology, mandatory use of CDN, multifactor authorization, special developer tools, access to premium themes and much more.

Networksolutions is the fourth largest domain name registrar in the United States, while offering high—quality hosting services. Network Solutions provides additional web services, such as site design and online marketing (including search engine optimization and advertising campaign management).
Until 1997, the company was actually a monopoly in the domain registration field, it was because of it that ICANN and the IAHC International Committee were organized.

You can purchase web hosting with a monthly or annual subscription, or you can choose an option for 2.3, 5 or even 10 years. The longer the period, the greater the discount.
As bonuses, a free domain name for 1 year and free professional SSL certificates Xpress are offered.
All shared web hosting plans have unlimited traffic. There are tariffs with unlimited disk space.
Almost all tariffs provide automatic checking of sites for viruses.
There is a special line for WordPress web sites with automatic backups and increased performance.

To get the minimum price, you need to pay for web hosting for 10 years in advance.
Data centers are located exclusively in the USA, and access to the CDN network is not offered (you will need to organize yourself).
All tariffs have restrictions on the number of web sites.
SSL certificates are paid here (you can get them for free only on some tariffs).
Technical support is paid (from 15.99 USD/month).

The starting tariff of shared web hosting will cost from $4.49 / month (if you pay for 10 years, if you pay for a year, you get $5.69 / month). It can host only 1 site and up to 5 email accounts. The SSL certificate and domain name must be purchased separately. Disk space – up to 15 GB. The tariff with unlimited disk will cost from $8.33 / month (from $9.96 / month when paying for a year).

Special rates for WordPress include CodeGuard Basic functionality, the minimum cost is from $5.99/month (when paying immediately for 2 years). That will include 200 GB of disk space, automatic backups, 10 mailboxes, unlimited traffic and any number of visitors.
Only 1 site can be hosted on web hosting. A further increase in the tariff allows you to increase the number of web sites and disk space.
Networksolutions does not have VPS or dedicated servers.