Anybody here is using Amazon Chime instead of Zoom for meetings?

Started by ANDRYUb, Jun 18, 2022, 12:20 AM

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ANDRYUbTopic starter

I am evaluating the use Amazon Chime for meetings that require more than 300 assistants (as they are not frequent) and Zoom takes 3 business days to enable that feature. What do you think?


Personally, this is the first time we hear about this service). But it is more convenient for us to use ordinary applications for example Zoom or voice conferences in Telegram.


Personally, I use Zoom, which has a number of disadvantages. I have a small business and a monthly payment of $ 15 does not suit me very much. Another problem is the rapid discharge of smartphones from my interlocutors. I would also like to know about alternatives to using this program. ::)


For small businesses, when some employees are on the remote, or just away - Amazon Chime is an excellent solution, you can contact by audio or video, hold a meeting for several participants, etc.
The functionality is enough to hold a webinar. A convenient, good program and, in principle, is not so difficult to master if you are on the "you" with Amazon products.