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Started by scottpolls, Yesterday at 06:29 AM

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Trying to launch ASP.NET Core website on Ubuntu guided by
Has reached the moment when the site is launched (shown in the picture),
but I can't get through from the outside. I run telnet 5000 and get Failed to open a connection to this node
Port 5000 opened in VestaCP and iptables -nvL outputs the line
143 8580 ACCEPT tcp -- * * tcp dpt:5000

What could be the reasons for issuing a telnet error?


You can set the IP address as server_name.
If everything is done correctly, then the server outside needs to be accessed on port 80, not 5000
To check that web server is listening to the 80th port on the external address, you can also use netstat:
netstat -an | grep 80   

the output should be something like:
tcp 0  0*  LISTEN   

Well, don't forget to open the 80th port on firewall.