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Started by Helen, Jul 07, 2022, 01:04 AM

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When creating an online store, we decided to try the new AdminVPS hosting. It is relatively young but very promising with a quality service. For beginners, I recommend registering with the help of a specialist, there is no trial period.


Never heard of AdminVPS hosting. Will have to look. Moreover, now there are three sites on my hosting and this is the maximum number for the selected tariff. Here I am looking for where it would be possible to place from 5 to 10 sites at a reasonable price.


First impression
On the main page of the site, you can easily go to view the tariffs that the company offers. There you can also find technical support contacts, company benefits and other important information. I really liked the fact that the hosting provider described in detail what is included in each tariff package, what restrictions exist and what equipment they use.

The minimum cost of virtual hosting will cost you approximately $ 2.13 per month. The price is very nice.

The company also provides many different VPS hosting plans, depending on the location or web server optimization. You can order a VPS in Russia, USA, Germany, as well as a VPS server for working with CMS (WordPress, 1C bitrix, OpenCart). The prices for servers are quite high, compared to other hosting providers.

The company also has dedicated web servers. They can be placed in Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and Finland. The characteristics are different: there are powerful servers, and there are weaker ones, but the price is always appropriate.

The test period is 7 days
You can use the test period on virtual hosting by simply ordering hosting. Very convenient. And even more convenient and pleasant is that the hosting provider does not impose any restrictions on sending mail, SSH availability, etc. for the test period..
The company also offers to test their VPS server for 7 days. This is relevant only for VPS web servers hosted in Russia.

Registration is not fast
We really like instant registration, when you do not need to specify all your personal data, but just an e-mail and phone number, and at the same time you are already in your personal account and can test the services.

Therefore, in this regard, the hosting provider did not please us and to register on the site, you need to fill out a whole questionnaire, which includes your full name, e-mail, country of residence, phone number.

On the other hand, when you want to register a domain, then with a high probability you will still have to specify this data. Therefore, by and large, there is no difference when to do it - during registration on the website or when placing an order for domain registration.

Control Panel - ISPmanager
For all types of hosting, the ISPmanager panel is provided free of charge.In this panel, the most popular sections immediately catch your eye: "New www domain", "New email address", restrictions and resources used.

To the right is a menu with additional and equally useful tools. There is also a panel search, which is also very convenient. Each section is saved in the control panel as a tab in the main window and you do not need to expand the menu every time - you can simply go to the desired tab.

You can install any control panel on a VPS or a dedicated web  server yourself, or tech can do it for is completely free.

Every day the hosting provider makes a backup of your site, so you can be calm when making changes to the site code. In the control panel there is a very useful section "Log of visits", which displays the time of authorization and the ip from which you entered, as well as operations, which can be very useful in some situations.

You can also enable two-step authorization in your account settings. Very useful functionality - we recommend it for use. The peculiarity of the company's security policy is that you can prohibit/restrict the use of your personal data in your personal account or delete them altogether.

As for the hosting itself, virtual hosting is protected from DDoS attacks. You need to ensure the security of VPS and dedicated web  servers yourself.

Virtual hosting packages have a limited number of sites and disk space. You can use RAM for each individual script from 512 MB. Generous, actually. And the maximum number of emails from each mailbox is 100. You can create no more than five database users, but there are no restrictions on simultaneous MYSQL connections for one MYSQL user per hour. Also, unlimited traffic is provided for virtual hosting packages.

VPS and dedicated servers have limited disk space, RAM, traffic, and the number of processor cores. This information is indicated in the description of the tariff plans.
In the online chat, you can ask any questions except technical ones - here you will immediately be asked to write to We can't say that this is bad - because sometimes the first line of support very much spoils the reputation of the company, and here everything is demarcated and everyone does their job efficiently.

Keep in mind that in order to write to the chat, you need to specify your name and e-mail, agree to the processing of personal data, otherwise there will be no opportunity to write. But you can call the sales department and ask the necessary questions there. responds only in the personal account via the ticket system.

A budget hosting provider with a very convenient control panel and a not entirely clear system for contacting But the situation is saved by a high-quality consultation of the technical

There are a lot of different hosting rates, and all are provided on decent terms for customers. If you have a non-standard project that requires an individual approach, then go to AdminVPS - here you will definitely find something that you could not find from many other hosting providers.