Dedicated server with GPU for mining

Started by asold, Jun 18, 2022, 01:29 AM

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asoldTopic starter

Can anybody give me some ideas for a host that can offer a good price on a dedicated server with one GPU? (1080TI or higher)
Ram, hdd etc. will not be very important. Very good uptime is important to me though, 99.9%+.


Do you need a server that can support 2 or more GPUs? The 1080 has been replaced by the 2080 and nvidia has recently released the 3080, although the 3080 is still fairly hard to find.

How much storage space do you actually need? What about bandwidth?

If you're going to be mining 24/7/365 cooling and power could be an issue.


I have tried Microsoft Azure GPU 2 or 3 years ago to Mining Bitcoin
I tell you that the incoming was zero
But perhaps I am the one who does not know how mining works


About 99.9%, in general, there are solutions. In general, I advise you to think about a dedicated Fornex server - the SLA reliability level is 99.98%. Xeon GPU as standard with 8 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 graphics card. 8)

Lucas Babcock

Although I am not a strong fan of cloud mining due to the high cost, however, this is a very good way to "mining" coins with relatively little spending.
1.) The cheapest one is (UA-IX zone, but servers are located in the US and Romania). They offer RTX 2070/2080 and RTXA5000/6000. Stability of work — 95%.
2.) Russian company, but servers are located in Europe, USA and Asia - As for me, the most unique option. First you choose the basis - how many video cards will be, and then which ones (from GTX 750Ti to RTX 3090). The prices don't bite.
3.) servers USA, Europe. Reliability 99.99%. The prices are high, but the servers are strong (for the load of video cards, you have to rent an 8-core and stronger system unit)
4.) A good option for those who are looking for a cheap but powerful server in the USA - (2 X GEFORCE GTX 3080 TI) 99% stability.


The GPU architecture allows you to add the speed of information processing, since several simultaneous operations are performed per clock cycle. The advantage of using a dedicated server is that they can be combined into a single failover cluster and used to create a productive infrastructure.

The GPU is usually used for computing. accordingly, it is advisable to equip a physical dedicated server with a video card only if your company's activities are associated with resource-intensive calculations. Most often, this option is chosen for cryptanalysis and cryptography, 3D modeling, working with Big Data, etc. Most often this applies to development, video games, research projects in which large-scale computing and various media resources are principal.