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Started by RickyChhajed, Aug 03, 2022, 03:39 AM

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RickyChhajedTopic starter

tell me please:
which criteria should be used when selecting hosting provider for a business card website and an online store. these criteria must be different or all the same.

Thank you.


A business card website is a site that has minimal requirements, so any cheap host will do.
The store is usually built using PHP, MySQL, java and for jquery design, if you connect the java and jquery libraries directly from the site code, then the use of PHP and MySQL must be provided by the hosting provider. Here are the requirements:

Apache version >= 2.4
PHP Version >= 7.1
MySQL Version >= 5.6
phpmyAdmin is desirable

To reduce costs, I suggest using UNIX hosting
disk space for starters will be enough up to 100 Gigabyte, at least 2 databases, you can organize an image thing as a mail server with its own mail domain (usually included in the hosting service)
Pay attention to the support
Generally, good luck


The criteria are completely different of course. A business card site is the simplest one-page landing, and here the requirements are increased only for design, and hosting is any, up to free.
Another thing is an online store. Here you need to provide the necessary: both power - processor, memory, disk, server bandwidth (~ 10Mb / s), and the necessary software for working with the database and online settlements. All this, taking into account the maximum load on the server (on Black Friday, for example).