Hosting with the ability to send a large number of letters

Started by vikov, Jul 12, 2022, 02:17 AM

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vikovTopic starter

At the moment I'm hosted at Contabo. I have a forum and periodically do mailing lists. I need to send out thousands of letters. In this regard, the limits are acceptable (about 800 letters per hour).
But lately it's just a nightmare - sometimes an error 502, sometimes 504, sometimes a white page. I was looking for another hosting, but everywhere there is a limit on letters.

Advise please better hosting with not very strict limits on the number of sending letters.


Shared hosting servers usually have limits on sending emails per hour. this limit is different for each company, but usually it is 300 or 500 emails per account per hour. If this limit is exceeded, access to mail will be blocked for you.

The best option for you would be to buy a VPS server.


There are a huge number of offers on the Internet for choosing a web hosting for various projects. To conduct your business in the form of mailings, without using auxiliary services, you need to create a basis for which you should purchase hosting.
The quality of that product is sure to affect the whole business, so experienced users are advised to choose a high-quality foundation.

To begin with, you need to figure out what characteristics of web hosting you should pay attention to when choosing. The most necessary criterion for organizing promotional mailings are the characteristics of a mail account, which is a regular email created within a personal domain.

The most important characteristic for us when choosing a hosting service will be the restrictions on sending emails per hour and per day. If we consider that usually the normal subscription base from which you can profit is 10,000 people, then we come to the conclusion that we need either an American virtual web hosting, for instance Hostgator, where there is just such a limit on the number of emails per hour (10,000 emails per hour), or a dedicated server.

Then, the parameters are important for your convenience: the server operating system, the mail server (software), or the web hosting control panel - you should choose exactly what you are comfortable working with. It happens that the moments described here do not bother you, because you can do a newsletter from your script (for instance , a forum engine or a blog).

And, of course, the price. There is no way without it. If the income from your subscription base overlaps the dedicated server and the administrator of the dedicated server, then most likely you would not even read that topic, because your consultant or secretary would simply bring you documents for signature that say about the purchase of a new server.

I recommend that you pay attention to paid mailing services. Thus, you will easily get rid of many headaches, and your main task will be to compose a competent letter text in order to get the maximum response and profit.
I can recommend you 2 services for mailing, by the way, the second of them is conditionally free. You will pay 5% of your store's turnover, but if you don't connect it, then you don't pay anything. Employees of these companies will be happy to help you transfer the mail database from any engine to their server.