How important is SSD storage for a Minecraft webhosting node?

Started by Allen, Jun 28, 2022, 04:48 AM

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I've been considering expanding my hosting company to include Minecraft hosting, but I'm hesitant to select US OVH servers as my node due to the higher cost of NVMe or SSD storage. While I could get 4TB of HDD storage for no additional cost, I'm unsure of how important SSD storage is for Minecraft hosting.
Any first-hand knowledge or experience with running a Minecraft hosting node on HDDs, particularly OVH HDDs, would be greatly appreciated in determining the best course of action.


The utmost important factor for shared hosting with numerous Minecraft servers is to avoid excessive iowait that can result from server activities such as backups, live map generation, and frequent data changes in MySQL for block logging plugins.
Choosing HDDs for such hosting would lead to perceptible performance problems for all clients during gameplay. To stay competitive, it's crucial to opt for hosting providers that use SSD or NVMe instead of HDDs.


It is highly recommended to use SSDs for this purpose without any exceptions. In fact, even in 2010 with only around 16GB worth of MC servers and 8x 15k rpm drives, we encountered problems.
However, a pair of 128GB SSDs in RAID 1 at that time provided much better performance. From 2010 onwards, we have used SSDs and NVMe's for Minecraft hosting and would never consider going back.


You can try test periods on the servers, though not all of them have it. They have such services, so that later it would be clear what hostings represent. And the description on which server will minecraft is there, ssd or not.

Alan Fleming

Unfortunately, even now, in 2022, the price of SSD drives is still high, so expecting SSD hosting to be cheap is naive. Anyone who has run game servers, I'm not just talking about Minecraft now, knows that any 3-d dependent accelerator greatly affects response, and for a client, response = life. My advice to you is to use regular hosting with hdd for DB storage and only SSD for providing game servers.


Here is a list of free Minecraft web hosts along with their pros and cons. Freemc Hosting offers up to 3 servers for free with bungeecord support, a convenient panel, any number of slots and plugins, but comes with advertisements that cannot be turned off and there may be bugs. allows only 1 server for free with easy plugin installation and registration, however, a license is required to register and cannot be turned off in the settings.

Aternos has no limit on the number of slots and plugins, and provides a plugin library, but one can have only one free server, and there are ads, long queues to turn on the server, and no FTP., while offering a very comfortable panel and bungeecord support, allows only 1 free server, turns off every 60 minutes, but comes with inexpensive paid tariffs, no ads, plugin libraries, full access to files, and bypasses of restrictions.

SkyNode offers only one free server but its panel is not very convenient with the server being deleted every hour if you don't hit the resume button. Payment can be made through various payment methods such as bank transfer, electronic money or cash in electronic payment terminals on these website. Game server hosting requirements are always high due to different games requiring varying degrees of resources.
Gaming websites are usually hosted on VPS or dedicated servers with powerful equipment, low ping, a convenient control panel and good technical support.