How important is SSD storage for a Minecraft hosting node?

Started by Allen, Jun 28, 2022, 04:48 AM

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AllenTopic starter

I've been thinking of expanding my hosting company into Minecraft hosting and I've been looking specifically at US OVH servers to select as my node.

Issue is, once you jump up to NVMe or even just normal SSD storage the price immediately jumps by sometimes upwards of $30 per month for only 2TB of storage, which would make me have to sell for a higher price and thus less clients. I can get 4TB of HDD storage with them for no extra cost.

My question is, how important is SSD storage for Minecraft hosting? If anyone has first-hand knowledge of running a Minecraft hosting node on HDD's or even better, OVH HDD's it would be most appreciated for any sort of answer.


For shared hosting with dozen(s) of Minecraft servers? The most important thing.
Tons of iowait due to servers running backups, generating live maps, constant data changes in MySQL for block logging plugins and other things would cause every client to have noticeable performance issues in-game. Never use a HDDs for Minecraft, essentially every hosting provider uses SSD or NVMe so you'd be behind everyone at the start.


You will want to have SSD's 100% for this.

We even noticed issues with around 16gb worth of MC servers back in 2010 with 8x 15k rpm drives. A pair of 128gb SSD's in raid 1 at that time had far more performance.
For our minecraft hosting we have used SSD's and NVMe's in everything since 2010 and would never go back.


You can try test periods on the servers, though not all of them have it. They have such services, so that later it would be clear what hostings represent. And the description on which server will minecraft is there, ssd or not.

Alan Fleming

Unfortunately, even now, in 2022, the price of SSD drives is still high, so expecting SSD hosting to be cheap is naive. Anyone who has run game servers, I'm not just talking about Minecraft now, knows that any 3-d dependent accelerator greatly affects response, and for a client, response = life. My advice to you is to use regular hosting with hdd for DB storage and only SSD for providing game servers.


Free Minecraft web hosting list.

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Why is he:

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Hosting SkyNode

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