How to renew an SSL certificate

Started by Mississauga, Nov 27, 2022, 01:49 AM

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MississaugaTopic starter

The client has hosting and domain, Let's encrypt is free for the first year, but it needs to be updated every 3 months. I have fornex, I'm used to it being free and they extend everything themselves.

1) Here it turns out I have to go to the control panel every 3 months, delete the old certificate and install a new one manually, and once a year also pay for it, right? Otherwise, the site will lose https.
2) Are there any options at hosting to renew the certificate at least once a year?


If you have shared web hosting, and not a VPS, then the popular control panels have long had a letsencrypt plugin that allows you to automate the process.
If the panel has not been updated there for years, or some kind of self-written one, then it is possible that there will not be such an item in the control panel. Regarding the fee, this is some kind of sur, Lets'encrypt itself is free, and it involves automating the process (probably a free cert for a year is from another vendor, which was used there before the widespread introduction of LE).

Emily Evans

If the certificate is renewed, it is enough to replace only it. I just overwrite the old certificate with the new one, having previously copied the old one just in case. Then I reread the nginx or apache configuration.
There's nothing else to do. Sometimes the old certificate is shown in the browser, but it is enough to simply refresh the page or close and reopen the site and the certificate in the browser will be updated. Cookies and cache do not need to be cleaned.

This works 100%, since I have almost all the certificates from let's encrypt, and they are updated constantly.