Making money on confusing hosting clients

Started by Bravoman1, Nov 11, 2022, 03:36 AM

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For a long time I have used hosting services from Agave. Everything was fine. Didn't have time to pay? Nothing, one call to tech support and everything is solved right there. And usually they called and asked if I would pay. Paid, but the money will come in a week?
No question, you send the documents by e-mail and the payment is credited. Well, gold, not attitude! That's why I worked with them. Recently, someone got tired of working like this.

I don't know for what reason, but Agave transferred all its operations to some other host . Well, okay, I think anything happens. I just need to renew the domain and hosting.
Agave has recently become possible to pay with cards. You extend or order a service, you are transferred to the website of an organization that deals with transfers from bank cards, you enter data, you receive an SMS with a confirmation code, that's it. The payment has been credited.

Okay, I extended the domain, everything according to the standard scheme, website, input, confirmation code, credited. I extend the hosting for six months, again according to the standard scheme, ... confirmation code... The payment has not been credited... It's kind of weird... At the same time, the site with payments behaved a little unusually, had to transfer it back, but did not transfer it. I think, damn, something is wrong. My Internet is shitty, maybe something went wrong.
I updated the payment page a couple of times, there is no money. You still need to pay for it. Well, okay, I went again on the way of payment. This time, a window came out, saying "Payment confirmation", but it was not transferred to the payment site and no one sent the confirmation code. Nothing happened at all. I think, well, apparently that payment has passed, the new one is no longer accepted.

Yeah. Twice. Two times these ghouls stole money from me. Two! For the same shit. Once with SMS verification, the second time, as it turned out, was "one-click payment". It seems like I paid for half a year of hosting twice, that is, a year! And a year is much cheaper. Do they think I'm a complete idiot to pay twice for six months?

What the?!? That is, in order to cancel the last payment, I need to fucking demolish all my sites, mail and everything else that has been hanging out on the hosting for years, so that they would just return my money.
And even then I did not ask to return everything, only half, since I did not plan to give up hosting. Well, I think it's okay. I'll find another hosting, demolish this one.  About 48 days for a refund, I somehow, in the heat of the impending cunt, did not pay attention. And it couldn't fit in my head.

.. and then I got carried away.

Dear forum users, tell me, IS THIS a normal work with a client at all? Or am I the last asshole myself?
The client must always pay yesterday, but return the overpayment only after a month and a half, with the complete deletion of all files.
Has anyone encountered these scoundrels?


I'm probably going to be off topic right now, but I'll take a chance.
Do not use "shared hosting", use VDS/VPS. Yes, you need more knowledge than when working with the hosting control panel, but also more profit. Contact your friends or freelancers, they will install everything you need in the north.
From personal experience, the attitude of those vds/vps support is better, since clients are more experienced than shared hosting clients. But even in that market there are "cattle".
And on the topic of the problem, the court and go away from there.
"Once — it already counts"


No, of course, this is not a normal attitude towards the client, I didn't even think that this happens with hosters. No, on the other hand, it is a normal practice for my mobile operator if his tariff has increased, for example, and for this month I have already paid at the old tariff, then he does not connect the service (Internet), but the money is withdrawn. And when I call the hotline, the operator advises to pay (again!) at the new tariff the entire amount and then the service will be activated, but not a word about the money that was debited ... :'(