Looking for hosting: 38 sites

Started by fordhenries, Sep 05, 2022, 04:01 AM

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fordhenriesTopic starter

Please advise something adequate for these parameters, there is practically no traffic.

- Stability of work
- Adequate, fast support
- Preferably the transfer of websites (not critical)


I moved all my websites to the VPS from Fox Cloud. I have known about them for almost 2 years and I take charades for client sites, and this January I gathered my thoughts and everything from everywhere moved to one VPS in the Netherlands. The support is more than adequate, they respond very quickly. They transfer all the sites themselves. They have their own branch on our forum.

You can also try ovh or contabo. the latter has become paid, but if you take it for a year, then they do not charge.


We are just preparing a platform for developers. At the moment, we offer standard pre-installed CMS in the public, but it is also possible to launch an arbitrary docker container. We can prepare containers together with you, test them for what resources are needed for what load, and this product will be displayed in our catalog.
The client orders it and in 5 minutes has a working website. We will set the amount of your deductions at your request. The price will include the cost of web hosting plus your deductions. The servers are currently located in Germany, but will soon be in the USA. If it is more convenient for you to deploy the script on VPS, we can discuss this option.