Looking for Hosting - possible abuses for copyright infringement

Started by AliceFowell89, Jul 15, 2022, 09:25 AM

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AliceFowell89Topic starter

Once every six months or a year, a complaint comes. The products we sell are made in China, and as far as I understand, everything is within the law there.
Tired of moving from Hosting to Hosting.

Please advise what is the best way to proceed in my situation. I saw proposals from young hosting, who promise to keep abuses.
I still buy Hosting from one of these for one of the projects, but there .... in general, not everything is professional. Some offer to place in China, but on the server where there will be spammers, etc. Because of them, problems with Spamhouse are accordingly possible.

In general, I would have a normal clean hosting in China, without spammers, doorway workers, etc.


There is such an option, I suggest considering a dedicated hosting in Hong Kong.
But I can't help with shared hosting. Interested?



ccihosting has the highest score from expert and non—expert users — for reliability and convenience, which is necessary for that type of web hosting. But among other reviews there are many "I do not recommend". аdult content is allowed here, and the level of abuse tolerance is 100%.
One of the disadvantages is the constantly pop—up error 502.
What you can do: аdult content
Not allowed: hаcking

Hosting with a demo period of a week and properly working technical support. There is a wide range of services and not only in terms of abuse stability. Comprehensive offers are pleasing. The bonus system, a variety of payment methods, and an easy-to-understand control panel became another pleasant thing. Geography of dedicated servers: Germany, the Netherlands, Canada.
What you can do: doorways ("black" sites that redirect to other resources)
What is not allowed: certain аdult content and product replicas.


An unambiguous advantage is the low price, because web hosting of that kind is, in principle, very expensive. Attract "nimble", according to reviews, technical support and a ten-day test period. Of the minuses — only insufficient download speed due to the fact that the server is located abroad. The control panel, however, is paid, but the fee for it will already be included in the selected tariff.
What you can do: materials "for аdults"
What is not allowed: replicas of goods of various kinds

Very cheap, but at the same time reliable. One GB of disk space is like a "minus", but 50 GB of traffic and unlimited MySQL databases (a data base server for a large number of users) makes up for that disadvantage. The reviews are good, but some users complain that sometimes the sites hang.
What you can do: doorways, spam
(At the moment, web hosting provider's website is temporarily down)
What is the minimum cost of an abuzo-resistant hosting?
Prices can vary from $ 1 to $ 30 per month. The amount of the cost depends on the quality of web  hosting, the location of servers and the availability of other hosting services.

What is important when choosing an abuzo-resistant web hosting?
do your subjects accept
the percentage of uptime
the level of encryption
in which countries are the servers

Price: such web hosting services are very expensive (we have a rating of cheap hosting services on our website)
search difficulty: finding a suitable and responsible provider, also legal, is not so easy
language: it is easier to search for such web hosting services in English; but if you do not know the language, that is another difficulty.