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Started by RickyChhajed, Aug 03, 2022, 03:39 AM

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tell me please:
which criteria should be used when selecting hosting provider for a business card website and an online store. these criteria must be different or all the same.

Thank you.


A business card website is a site that has minimal requirements, so any cheap host will do.
The store is usually built using PHP, MySQL, java and for jquery design, if you connect the java and jquery libraries directly from the site code, then the use of PHP and MySQL must be provided by the hosting provider. Here are the requirements:

Apache version >= 2.4
PHP Version >= 7.1
MySQL Version >= 5.6
phpmyAdmin is desirable

To reduce costs, I suggest using UNIX hosting
disk space for starters will be enough up to 100 Gigabyte, at least 2 databases, you can organize an image thing as a mail server with its own mail domain (usually included in the hosting service)
Pay attention to the support
Generally, good luck


The criteria are completely different of course. A business card site is the simplest one-page landing, and here the requirements are increased only for design, and hosting is any, up to free.
Another thing is an online store. Here you need to provide the necessary: both power - processor, memory, disk, server bandwidth (~ 10Mb / s), and the necessary software for working with the database and online settlements. All this, taking into account the maximum load on the server (on Black Friday, for example).


Hosting quality criteria:

the payment of the service
Everyone can choose between paid and free hosting. The second option is not suitable for those who want to create a site that makes a serious impression, because the condition for free is the placement of hosting provider advertising (and not only) on your site. In addition, such hosting cannot be called the most reliable and it can cease to exist at any time. But this is a good option if you want to practice hosting sites (setting up parameters, control panels, and so on). Paid hosting provides for clear contractual relations and maximum responsibility of the hosting provider. Obviously, for long-term projects, this option is the only possible one.

technical support
This parameter is very important, especially for those who are just starting to work on the network. There are many nuances that shock inexperienced users and I want them to be explained immediately, so it is advisable to choose a hosting with round-the-clock support. In the course of your work, evaluate three parameters: quality, friendliness and prompt resolution of issues. At the same time, it should be taken into account that you have to solve issues with your management system yourself, although, usually, the support, accustomed to surprises, gives answers to these questions.

hosting provider's publicity
The more you see mentions of web hosting provider on the Internet, the better. And it's not so much about positive reviews, but about the openness of the provider. If you see a natural situation around the company (or skillfully mimicking a natural one), then you really have a professional in front of you. Representation in social networks is also important. See how freely the discussion flows in official groups, communities, and representative offices. Are the comments open? If they do not allow you to speak out on social networks, then they are unlikely to allow you to feel free on a paid hosting service.

The fourth criterion: the cost of hosting
In the Yves Saint Laurent store, you can buy a black and white knitted sweater for a thousand dollars. The same situation is with hosting. The more expensive does not mean the better. The lowest price is also not worth focusing on. In general, just discard the price importance factor and look for maximum compliance in all other parameters.

mail support
Today, mail is created in two clicks.  Google and other services to help you with this with great pleasure, but if you need mail form Department@name firmiy study the capabilities of the host. Almost every provider provides the ability to create a mail server and mailboxes. But there are various "buts": "I can't send more than 25 messages per hour", "weak spam filter", "inconvenient web interface", etc. Ask web hosting providers about this before buying.

DNS Editor
This editor allows you to edit various dns zones, redirect them to other servers. For example, today you have created a website and posted it on the hosting. And tomorrow you rented a Landing Page and would like it to open at to do this, you will need to add the appropriate records to the dns wizard.
Over time, you may not be satisfied with the work of the mail server on web hosting (too little space, a bad spam filter, an inconvenient interface), then in this case you can transfer your corporate mail to  Gmail (this is the best). This is absolutely free, but for this you will also need to make the appropriate DNS records so that everyone understands that all mail sent to it must be sent to  Gmail.

country of placement
As mentioned above, paying for hosting, you rent a place on one of the powerful servers. It can be located both in your country and abroad. The choice of the server location country affects the site loading speed in different regions of the world. That is, if you plan to attract Russian-language traffic, then it is better to choose accommodation in Russia and continue by analogy.

compliance with the desired technical parameters of the site
All sites differ in complexity of execution. For example, if php is used to create your site, then you need hosting with php support. What other technical gadgets are there? Support for perl, mysql, CMS of various types (WordPress, Joomla, and so on), as well as much more. Don't worry, 90% of hosting companies are able to give you everything you want.
If, for some reason, you need specific requirements for the operation of the site, you can always solve this issue with technical support. Tip: just request a list of technical requirements for the site from the developer and forward it to web hosting provider with a request to answer which hosting tariffs meet these requirements.

Automatic backup
The Backup function is something that, according to Maslow's pyramid, can be attributed to the second category of needs. Ensures the security of the site content. Why do you need to create backups, spend time and effort on it, if web hosting provider can do it for you.

page loading speed
There is one nuance to consider here. The speed depends not only on the provider, but also on the site developer. If the developer fills one page with 15 MB of information, the result will be obvious. The provider must monitor the quality of the equipment and its workload. You can get an approximate idea of this parameter based on reviews, and make sure of the speed only after self-use.

PS: It is desirable that the site is generated in hundredths of a second.

site availability
This is one of the most important factors. It determines the quality of life of the site to the greatest extent. Unfortunately, it is impossible to test it before practical application. The main thing to remember is that the site cannot be accessed 100% of the time. Smart hosting is the one that makes the site visible to visitors 99.6%-99.8% of the time.
No need to be nervous if your resource is unavailable for 5 minutes a day. This is the life of modern hosting services around the world. It's like with a rented apartment, which is also not always available.

the possibility of hosting other sites
It is quite possible that after a certain period of time you will want to place one or more sites on your favorite, already native, along and across the studied hosting. See if web hosting provider provides such an opportunity. If so, how many sites are allowed to be created by one user.

limited traffic
The tariff plan can provide for both a limited number of visitors and unlimited traffic. If the budget allows, then, of course, it is better to use the second option, because soon you will have a huge success and thousands of visitors a day. But, let's say this option does not suit you. Then you need to estimate the required volume and choose the appropriate tariff. Please note that you will have to pay for <overspending> traffic.

site location
When choosing a tariff plan, you will be asked to determine the amount of disk space that you want to rent. Let's say one site will live comfortably on 500 MB, and another is cramped in 100 GB.