Procedure for transferring a site to another web hosting

Started by Conet, Nov 17, 2022, 09:22 AM

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Colleagues, I need a consultation!
I treat web development very indirectly, so I need advice for a teapot. Please be understanding.
The situation is as follows: my organization, in order to optimize costs (we are state employees), plans to switch from the maintenance of our site by a third-party organization to the maintenance of its own, that is, by my forces.

 By the time the contract for site maintenance expires, the contractor plans to transfer the site on a flash drive (it is made on joomla) and remove it from its hosting.
What should be the procedure for deploying web site already on our hosting to be painless?
What do I need to request from the previous contractor (login and password from the joomla admin panel will also be needed? What about the domain name and its binding to the new hosting?


The developer is obliged to provide comprehensive instructions for installing and maintaining web site on a clean hosting.
The instruction does not have to be for someone who does not know how to do anything (because otherwise it will become huge), there are typical actions that an ordinary sysadmin should know.

if you don't know, then you have no experience and knowledge, the classic situation with budget organizations, then it will create a bunch of hemorrhoids for them, it was and will be until these organizations understand the simple truth - where a job is needed, a specialist is needed, not yesterday's student.

The domain name is very important, do not require logins and passwords, but the transfer of ownership rights (if for some foolishness you did not do this earlier), i.e. the domain should be on your (if you are the owner of the company or its proxy) account, with registration in your real name / company, the second is better.


The easiest way is to order hosting immediately with the migration of the site, because many providers provide such a service. But if you have to carry out the transfer of the site to another hosting yourself, this is also quite realistic.

To move , you must:
– change the NS server information so that when the user accesses the address of your site, the user already accesses the new storage location;
– transfer all site files;
– move the database.

If the site is static, it is enough to fulfill the first two points, but there are fewer of them. And all modern engines use databases, and they also need to be moved correctly.