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Started by span4bob, Jul 03, 2022, 02:46 AM

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span4bobTopic starter

Hi all!

Please advise me, working, not bringing headaches, no problems, easy to manage, hosting for my site. Preferably not too expensive, because I still don't know if my site will pay for itself.


What is the budget, what CMS does the site work on?

zomro is a good hosting. I chose it because of the price, but I was very pleased with the quality.
The site works like clockwork - very high uptime. Also, I would like to highlight hosting support - I have never met better anywhere, they quickly help to resolve emerging issues.


BEGET take it. I used to rent a VPS for $10 a month. I switched to running, I pay 7 times less and the quality is not worse. the support is good, it will always help. the simplest tariff I have 10k of traffic quietly withstands. if you move to them, then write to them in support, they will transfer the site themselves and in general everything is nice - / .

Or a great web hosting provider is Very high stability of operation, good support, speed at altitude. We installed fairly loaded online stores with several tens of thousands of products and with an attendance of more than 10,000 units per day on the usual web hosting rates, and everything worked like clockwork and did not even creak.
So if the site was assembled by professionals, then your site will surely fly on the hosting of HostPro.