Scripts for checking the hosting speed

Started by ElizabethParker, Dec 07, 2022, 09:19 AM

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ElizabethParkerTopic starter

Bitrix has modules for benchmarking hosting, which shows the number of operations in the CPU, the speed of the HDD, measures MySQL for reading, writing, deleting.
Checks which php settings need to be changed for better performance.
Is there such a script so that it can be run on hosting?


Well, there are no such people. There is https://code / , tests I/O, CPU, HDD, etc.
Like this

wget 2>/dev/null -O- | bash
you can test your channel.
There is also a benchmark from , but I didn't launch it, I can't say anything. The first two, imho, are enough for the eyes.

There are separate pieces of code and scripts for various kinds of tests. For example, newbielink: [nonactive].
If you Google, you can find similar tests to determine the performance of the file system.
From all these resources, you can quickly assemble the necessary benchmark for your goals with your hands.