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Started by titris, Jun 30, 2022, 12:23 AM

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I currently have a php application called Sendy that connects via SMTP to Sendgrid and allow some of my customers send bulletins
(something like Mailchimp but simpler).

I charge extra for this service but have reached a point when my monthly bill is between $100 and $150 month so I am looking for
alternatives that can make be grow without spending more.

In my quest I found the following pieces of software that I am thinking of hosting by myself:

So I was wondering if you know some of them and can share some experiences.


I am simply curious and learning.
Why not use something like postal? They are open source and on githhub.
I can't post a link here for some reason - sure you can search.
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I think that you should clean the email list before sending the campaign by using three-step bulk email verification (Syntax check, Verification of the email addresses domain, The analysis of email server response).

With a clean list you will have fewer issues when sending. Amazon SES is very cheap and very efficient, but yes you can always get IPs blacklisted. Even you can be the cause of that. You should check the mail log to see which IPs got blacklisted and then just pause campaign until IPs are manually delisted.
With SendGrid you can buy your own dedicated IP and keep it clean. Without a dedicated IP you can just hope the best without real control of anything. If you have a budget go with dedicated IP or IPs, no matter if it is Sendgrid or some other company behind it.


Sendinblue is expanding the possibilities of virtual business in a most powerful and effective way. It has some great features that make it very efficient and presentable. Sendinblue is your marketing partner that helps you not only with bulk emails, but also with the marketing of your product or your services. This helps in enhancing growth where your product is presented in the eyes of the people.

It is one of the mail accumulation tool as well as email sending solution tools where bulk emails are sent and received. He also sends out marketing emails with updates and other potential greetings to clients, ultimately developing relationships between clients.

pepipost is also a fairly reliable bulk mailing source. It delivers bulk emails and also takes care of receiving emails. Basically the API and SMTP services are used as a temporary email service. Not only do they provide email service, but they also provide benefits in the email receiving category and also take care of unsubscribing or other actions taken by users.
When it comes to pricing, it's more cost effective than another competitor's site and it's the most perfect feature why many people want to choose Pepipost because of bulk emails.

Amazon SES includes dedicated IP addresses, content filtering technologies, and a reputation dashboard that helps you protect and improve your sender reputation so messages reach your customers' inboxes.
While most third-party email solutions require significant upfront costs and contract negotiations, Amazon SES eliminates these issues. In that way, you can take advantage of a mature email infrastructure and many years of experience gained over the years.