selfhosted alternatives for video cms

Started by parven, Jun 18, 2022, 12:25 AM

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parvenTopic starter

I am currently testing a product called Panopto for storing videos that looks as a very good
option for learning content, however I was wondering if you know of any self hosted
alternative that I could resell under my own brand.


You could certainly build a custom application using open source technology though.
Clip Bucket for the Video side and then maybe something like Wordpress with Woo Commerce for the E-Commerce part or a custom website depending on how complex you want to build the platform.


ClipBucket, an open source clone of YouTube that can be installed on its own server.
The first thing I tried was ClipBucket, which calls itself an open source clone of YouTube, which can be installed on my server.
Surprisingly, ClipBucket doesn't have any installation instructions. Thanks to a third-party guide, I automated the installation process using Ansible, a server configuration management tool.

Part of the difficulty was that the ClipBucket installation scripts are completely broken. At that time I was working at Google and under the terms of the contract I had no right to contribute to the open source clone of YouTube, but I posted a bug report from which it was easy to make the necessary corrections.
Months went by, and they still didn't understand what the problem was. Instead, they added more bugs in each release.
ClipBucket worked on a consulting model — they released their code for free and charged a fee for help in the deployment.
Gradually, it dawned on me that a company that makes money from paid support is probably not very interested in customers installing the product themselves.