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Started by Kik84, Jun 18, 2022, 01:27 AM

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Hello everyone,

I would need a suggestions for a website or solution where i can send text messages (SMS) online. It must be paid solution and best would be by using credits or "pay as you go" (no monthly subscription). I will need this to send a small number of text messages per month (my estimate - 20-30 SMS/month) and i should be able to do this directly by using their CP, so no 3rd party software or connecting my phone. I was looking around and i got few names but i'm not sure for their quality:,, Does anyone have any experience with this companies or you can make your own suggestions.


I have used TextMagic in the past which worked good for us. Though we were integrating it through the code, they allow direct SMS option as well.


Globfone is cheap and sending sms worldwide, also there is service called clicksend. Maybe textrapp would work, but honestly i didn't tried it, just heard it suggests online sms sending


FreePhoneNum covers 7 different countries counting USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Poland, UK and Belgium. So you can use new phone numbers to receive text messages for free. This is a good way to protect your personal information. The manager updates the phone numbers every 2 weeks so the numbers are always fresh.

Fakenum is an online SMS receiver and sender for Americans. Fake phone number is an online phone number to send and receive SMS/text all over the world to hide your identity. There are 6 phone numbers on the main page and Get free SMS button. This way you can try another phone number if the first number is unavailable. Moreover, the way to view new incoming SMS is simply refreshing the page. According to our test, it will only take a few seconds to receive and display your SMS.