Set up OVH VPS

Started by _XyJIuGaN_, Aug 10, 2022, 10:45 AM

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Bought the cheapest VPS from OVH hosting to test and learn how to set it up.
They didn't send anything, I thought maybe they would give an IP address, connect there via SSH for further configuration, but no, I can't understand what is required from me. Please tell me who set up. Thank you in advance!


Especially, I didn't deal with OVH, but they should have issued IP ... Maybe something needs to be done in the control panel. And yet, some offices do not issue VPS immediately, sometimes it can take up to several days before issuance, here you really need to look at their rules - they have quick issuance or something.

They have a wonderful help section on their website that addresses this issue as well: _ .
Generally, almost everyone has the same scheme. There is a billing panel through which payment is made. There, most often, there is information about the ordered VPS. And access to the VPS itself, yes, via SSH.


Explain why to take a server under web site? If it is much cheaper and better to take a ready-made secure and configured hosting? Also with normal technical support. For the money that you pay, you can take a host for a year. Here is an example (not an advertisement) I'm sitting for the 3rd month and I don't know grief. Not well, only if it's for file sharing, then I agree.