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Started by ManiQuadraIncorp, Sep 20, 2022, 02:56 AM

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ManiQuadraIncorpTopic starter

I need SMTP service for my forum - paid or free. There are few letters there per day (notifications, registration confirmation, etc.) - I think no more than 10k.
Tell me, please, good service. But it is necessary that the real IP of the server sending the letter (mine, I mean) is hidden.


I have been using mailgan for several years, there are no questions about reliability/ deliverability.
There have been downtime (allegedly lying under DDoS), but not critical - a total of a day or two in 3-5 years.

They are strained by Soft/Hard Bounce, subsequent blocking and the imposition of email validation services. The problem is that to validate some mai boxes it is impossible - there all requests for existence receive a positive response, even if there really is no mailbox.
And since I have about 45% of them in total, the failure rate is very high, respectively, the excess of "bounces" and blocking. Unblocking only by email within a few days.


SendPulse is a platform specializing in marketing and sales. The service cooperates with popular social networks and messengers, has offices in Ukraine, Belarus, Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria.

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Protection of reputation. The application has an automatic verification of e-mail addresses, which protects the reputation of the domain and the sender from providers;
Scalable infrastructure. Whether you send a large number of emails per month or the speed of delivery is important to you, SMTP scales effortlessly;
High delivery rates. Some of the best letter delivery rates in the field for more than two decades;
Flexibility. The volume can be quickly increased or decreased to meet your shipping needs due to seasonality or changing business conditions.;
Reliability of sending. The highly sensitive infrastructure of this SMTP server ensures almost complete absence of delays and more than 99% of the uptime of the system;
Ease of API implementation. The easy-to-use API means you can spend less time integrating SMTP and more time developing your business.;
Dedicated platform. Each client is provided with its own dedicated SMTP server instance in a private and secure cloud environment.
The cost for tariffs starts from $25 per month for a minimum of 50,000 emails.