VPS hosting with pre-installed Node.js

Started by PlotHost, Nov 20, 2022, 01:19 AM

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I'm just starting to work with Node.js (the main direction now is React).
I made a simple API for the project, there was a need to host it.
I watched a video where an application with a connection to MySQL on the hosting is deployed in just 4-5 clicks in the web panel. But the technical support in response to the ticket wrote that now they do not provide such a service.
In this regard, the question is: is there an inexpensive hosting where you can quickly and conveniently deploy Node.js + MySQL, or take any and deploy everything over SSH?


Last year I deployed nodejs + mysql over ssh, they then made it possible to install nodes on any tariff, without vps.

Look at the VPS with Node.JS
NVM is also installed on the server. If you need to install MySQL, we will do it for you for free.


how to avoid stuffing node_modules into the repository?
I created a file in an express - based project .gitignore with the string node_modules, but then the app does not run on the server, because "there is no express".
Added to the repository — everything started fine. But this is wrong.
What should I do?