What is affordable Backup Solutions

Started by Ю-Мастер, Jun 18, 2022, 12:17 AM

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I wanted to know the possible affordable solutions to outside backup your shared hosting solution. I have some options like

Adding more drives for Backup
Get Separate Server for Backup
GoogleDrive or other CloudSolution
Inhouse Backup Server


I recommend Acronis for a backup solution, but if you're looking for a ton of S3 storage for not much, I recommend Wasabi.

Hopefully you can do something with this


If you're using 5tb of space, you need both local AND remote backups!
As others have mentioned, Jetbackup is going to be the easiest for you to deal with. You can manage backups rather easily from there

Ksenia live

On a dedicated server, you can set up automatic backups in just one step. Ready-made backups can be stored inside your server and on an external FTP server. It is most convenient to use external FTP servers to store copies.


Backup types:

Full - creates a copy of all data to device or in a separate section of memory. Subsequent copies are also created in full. For instance, a source data size of 100 GB and 7 full copies would add up to 700 GB in the archive.

Incremental - Creates a backup that only contains changes to files and automatically adds to or modifies them in the original full backup. With an incremental backup, the files are not replaced, but supplemented. For instance, the source data size is 110 GB. Changes in one day take up 11 GB, and 7 incremental copies are also made, for a total of 170 GB in the archive (one full copy and changed data).

Differential - Creates a copy that includes only the files and data that have changed since the previous copy. For instance, the size of the original data is 110 GB, the changes in one day are 11 GB. Relative to the previous day's copy, unique data is 5 GB. As a result, 7 differential copies will total 135 GB in the archive (one full copy and changed data relative to the previous backup).