Which type of hosting to be used for video downloader site?

Started by Fess, Jun 24, 2022, 11:09 AM

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I have developed a script which helps me to download the video from YOUTUBE. When i hosted my script on the A2HOSTING SHARED HOSTING ACCOUNT, the download speed i get is very low which is maximum upto 100kbps.
 But when i run same script from my localhost file is downloaded which best speed according to my own package. So, what is the reason behind this? Which type of hosting provider and service should i use?


DMCA free ?
and with large storage, unlimited bandwidth!

Don't know the video is downloaded directly from YT server or need to transfer by your hosting, but maybe a VPS is a better solution for this!
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there is always a hard restriction on shared services(even with VPS). You can't get unlimited resources for several dollars it's for sure, there is always "restriction".
That's why any dedicated server and cloud service more expensive with strictly allocated resources than some shared platform with unlimited.

So in fact it seems like that speed is an outcome of those restrictions in place. With a dedicated/cloud or even VPS solution, you will have more space for changing those restrictions/limitations.
At the step of resources, it depends on how many users will be on your site and how it heavy your applications/scripts.


Seems like you'll need a huge storage for videos and their data so i'd recommend VPS, it's not that expensive but surely works well, also there are almost no restriction on VPS.


If the video will be added by different users (read in different formats that need to be converted to flv on the server), then it will be easier to start your own server, because any hosting provider will offer a minimum vds, and to it the corresponding tariff with a bunch of restrictions, type: don't give a lot of load, don't leave one-way traffic, etc. etc.
And if the video will be added, conditionally, by one admin, converting files on a working computer, then you just need a stable hosting ... some kind of masterhost or agave.

If the video is small and you will manually convert to flv at your place, then your own server is not needed. If you plan a large storage, with automatic conversion on the server, it will not be easy for you to find a hosting for yourself. I myself am now working on the video, the resources are consumed quite well during the conversion. If you need free hosting provider of video files that you will embed on your site for free (without links), then a successful search.