Why not to use a CDN?

Started by Bravoman1, Aug 13, 2022, 04:04 AM

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Here, questions arise from time to time, including me, whether websites need a CDN, especially if the audience is located in one country / region.

And here's how it got there:
QuoteWhy doesn't it make sense to use CDN (Content Delivery Network)? What are the cons and technical disadvantages of CDN? Why should you opt out of CDNs on your websites?

Tell me, are there any technicians here? To what extent is what is said there true?


CDN is a tool. In order to appropriately use any tool for yourself, you need to understand what it is intended for and how it can be used in your particular case. CDN - content distribution network (mostly static). These CDNs are like uncut chickens and the characteristics are different for everybody.

Services often claim that they are a worldwide service, but I know and trust only Akamai among such well-known ones, and this solution is clearly not for a mass webmaster. Well, in part, you can still remember CloudFlare, but generally it is not imprisoned for CDN at all. Everything else in specific cases may or may not be suitable.
It can only be understood through experience. The most important thing is to clearly understand how a CDN can aid you and which one.
PS. And even if you have a lot of money, even Akamai can be completely overkill.


If you want and can host and maintain web servers throughout the geography of your audience, configure caching, balancing correctly, choose and negotiate peering and find time to research and optimize all this, then congratulations, you can create your CDN.
But the CDN service has more customers, more purchases, more users, it is possible to redistribute power between clients, it has more opportunities to increase efficiency.
Well, geographical distances are not equal to network measurements. It is quite a real (albeit rare) situation when content is distributed from a CDN node in the same city for some subscribers (or even for everyone) better than with origin (for various reasons). Although, of course, the purpose of CDN is precisely in distribution.