Abuse-resistant anti-ddos hosting

Started by virtuatechnologies, Oct 07, 2022, 03:53 AM

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One of the most popular tariffs we have is the start tariff:
- 1 domain
- 1 subdomain
- 100 GB SSD (with the possibility of increasing)
- The database is stored on SSD
- Virus scanning
- 4 GB of RAM
- Fast operation of website
- Second server for file sharing (patches)
- Constant monitoring of the site,
- Support via skype, whatsapp, phone
- SLA 99.9%
- If possible, technical support (free of charge) not included in the hosting services
- It is possible to connect additional filters from ddos guard (double proxying)

Protection of the game server from DDOS attacks:
Protection of the game server by proxying.
- Each client receives a dedicated IP address.
- 3 ports
- Mobile phone support.
- SLA 99%

Example of site monitoring:

And also, it is not always available, but sometimes servers and vds appear.
- Features from 4 GB of RAM
- Cheap prices
- Minimal support, not included in the services

Mail: hosting@ufolabs.pro

Website for ddos resistance tests - http://anti-ddos.ufolabs.pro