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Started by harryblossom0, Nov 03, 2022, 05:46 AM

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Hello, dear forum users.
We present to your attention a VPN service

The main features of the service:

- connection via any of 25 servers in 18 countries (Ukraine, USA, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland, etc.)
- unlimited volume of transmitted traffic and connection speed
- support for VPN protocols PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN
- work from two devices at the same time (for example, on a smartphone or tablet via PPTP or L2TP, on a PC - via OpenVPN)
- connection via a chain of two servers in different countries (Double VPN)
- instant change of the output IP address
- the possibility of renting a dedicated IP address
- ability to configure port forwarding (on tariffs of 3 months or more)
- anonymous DNS
- no logs
- cost of subscriptions from $0.6
- free test access to SecureVPN for 3 hours

Available payment methods:

Perfect Money, Paypal, Bitcoin and others.
At any time, it is possible to cancel the purchased subscription with a refund of unused funds to the user's personal account.

You can learn more about the SecureVPN service from our demo video: