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Started by parita handa, Nov 01, 2022, 03:52 AM

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Good day to everybody who is interested in hosting services!
SimplyWAY is our task, it is primarily to provide quality services, and this is not only high uptime (more than 99.9%), high-quality and modern equipment, but also reliable technical support.
SimplyWAY Technical Support will install the necessary software for free, fix problems and prevent a DDoS attack.


- VIP hosting from SimplyWAY company and within a few minutes you will be able to fully use all the necessary functions for managing websites, FTP and SSL with protection against DDoS attacks with a capacity of up to 10 Gbit/s.

Each client is provided with its own IP address. Backups are made daily.
ISP manager 6 Control Panel

- Hosting services From now on, even for a little money, customers can feel the quality of our services and the best technical support in this price segment.

- VPS/VDS servers with DDoS protection and full Administration. Automatic installation of all servers. The server will be ready in 5 minutes!
There is a possibility of reselling.
Free transfer of websites and all other data to our servers.

Tariff plans with powerful protection against DDoS attacks.
OS and software.
After paying for the server, the client can send a list of necessary software to the Technical Support Service and we will install it on the server for free.
The following operating systems and software are available for installation on a virtual server:


Operating systems can be "clean" or with the ISPmanager 6 panel installed.
On request, it is possible to install other operating systems or panels.

- Protection against DDoS attacks. Remote proxying protection, or as it is commonly called "protection without site transfer" filters traffic from various kinds of DDoS attacks, as well as SYN Flood on any HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP ports with SSL Certificates support.

- Server administration

The system administration services include:

software installation and configuration
updating versions and installing patches
consulting on the operation of system software
Support for Linux servers (freebsd/slackware/ubuntu/debian/centos/RH) based on cPanel, Plesk, ISPmanager, or any other panel).
Support and organization of VPS servers based on OpenVZ/XEN/virtuozzo/vmware/hyper-v.
restoring system software operability after failures
solving emergency situations
detection of attack attempts and protection against hаcking
configuring and maintaining network security, as well as anti-virus protection of servers
configuring access rights to server resources
High-quality monitoring of networks, servers.
Organization of multi-level backup systems.

When ordering hosting services, we give 7 days of the test period.
We also offer extended technical support: 24/7 live chat - we are always in touch and we care about your problems. Our specialists with many years of experience will deal with any problem for FREE and in the SHORTEST possible time, and if necessary, they will help you transfer your website to our hosting from another company absolutely free of charge.

Our servers are located in Germany and France
If you have any questions about the work of our hosting, please contact us! /
SKYPE oleg2688v
Tel. +39 0932 1700008