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Started by sbglobal, Sep 28, 2022, 03:27 AM

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Looking at the problems and consequences caused by DDoS attacks on various types of Internet business resources and web site owners around the world, estimating the huge loss of profits as a result of downtime, our team has developed and continuously improves the latest innovative ideas to solve these problems.
Our system is able to provide full protection of a wide variety of resources on the Internet. We confirm our words with the fact that no upfront expenses are required from you until the attack is completely eliminated.

Advantages of our protection system:

1. The system is capable of protecting web resources from the following types of attacks:

• Stateless ICMP/UDP flood – up to 20Gbps;
• Stateful SYN flood – up to 600K PPS;
• HTTP flood – up to 200K PPS.
We constantly monitor the capabilities of modern bots and DDoS attack technologies, which allows us to effectively improve our protection system.

2. Your web resource can be properly promptly "hidden" (under our protected IP) in case you are being attacked at the moment. This will allow you to reduce downtime to a minimum. At the same time, there is no need to reconfigure the server.

3. We provide DDoS protection for the first 24 hours for free!

3. Transparent statistics system and flexible tariff model: the possibility of weekly payment, DDoS protection starting from $65.

3. Traffic filtering using specialized equipment and software methods. Individual firewall settings for your VPS/VDS.

4. Individual approach to each client.

5. No upfront costs are required from you to stop the flow of malicious traffic.

6. A simple and convenient control panel that allows you to configure traffic filtering for your IP addresses in a matter of seconds.

Special offer for resellers and hosting companies:
We offer a commission of 25% from each payment of the clients attracted by you.
Convenient customer control panel, transparent statistics system.
Timely monthly payments.

For more information, you can visit our website
We will help you set up your own protection plan or choose from a list of existing ones.
Sincerely, the team


I have been using the secure hosting service for more than 7 months. During this time, there have been multiple problems with the availability of the site due to Stop-ddos.

I have written a lot of tickets about existing problems, which were periodically repeated. After that, I added my site to an independent tracker. What was my surprise when I saw that my site was systematically unavailable from 5 to 30 minutes up to 5 times a week! Since I have a website with a lot of traffic, I felt financial and reputational losses.