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Started by Yana, Oct 31, 2022, 02:48 AM

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We are glad to open our representative office at dnray forum, in this topic we will not only tell you about the company and its advantages, but also answer all your questions!

A few words about StormWall:
Our company has been working in the DDoS protection market for about 6 years. During this time, we managed to achieve the best results of filtering the most diverse types of attacks, organize the best technical support, which allowed us to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

A distinctive feature of StormWall protection is its own multi-level traffic cleaning technology, which uses wide communication channels in the 3 largest data centers in Europe (OVH).
Each level of the protection system has fault tolerance, which allows you to guarantee high service availability rates. To date, there are more than 30 servers in our infrastructure that perform various functions – from traffic cleaning and hosting to backup and monitoring.

You can find a lot of positive reviews about our company, because we value the reputation and trust of customers! To provide operational support around the clock, we have a staff of technical specialists working directly with the online monitoring system. Any change in DDoS activity on your resource will be instantly noticed!

Our services include:
- Protection of the site from DDoS by proxying - from $40
- Hosting with DDoS protection - from $40
- TCP/UDP service protection (games, VoIP, etc.) - from $110
- Dedicated servers (with and without protection) - from $40
- VDS on the VMware ESXi platform (with and without protection) - from $8

Our advantages:
- 24/7 protection guarantee (guaranteed SLA under the offer agreement)
- Round-the-clock technical support
- Connection and setup in 10 minutes
- Effective protection against all available types of attacks
- Application of software and hardware filtering

It is StormWall that serves as a bulwark of reliability and protection for hundreds of sites and game servers! Among those who joined our protection in 2014, there are media portals and online magazines, city information resources, real estate agencies and online stores, as well as sites with a high load.

Skype: stormwall-pro
FREE HOTLINE: 8-800-555-80-14

Contact us and we will advise you on the protection of your resources and transfer your site to our hosting for free!