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Started by dark404, Jan 24, 2023, 08:18 AM

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Good day, the question is how can I maintain maximum anonymity when working with hosting?
What are the normal options, other than to register an abuse-resistant hosting on the left data, pay for it with a crypt and use it via VDS?
maybe there are useful articles?
+ maybe can someone recommend such hosting?


Well, for example.
You take a SIM card in the subway crossing - I don't know how everywhere, but we have a school at every step (although there seems to be a law that it is impossible).
You are looking for a provider who accepts payment with qiwis
, you throw money on a SIM card
You pay for the hosting . qiwi will whine about filling out the profile, but you can send it, well, at least for now.
You can only log in via VPN.


"Abuse-resistance" will protect only from deranged people complaining about some nonsense.

In case of a request from government agencies, any "abuse-resistant hosting" will give out all the information about the client known to it and block illegal information (drug advertising; propaganda of what is considered terrorism and extremism in this country, etc.).